Image interpolation using multiscale geometric representations


N. Mueller, Y. Lu, and M. N. Do, “Image interpolation using multiscale geometric representations,” in Proc. SPIE Conf. on Electronic Imaging, San Jose, USA, 2007.
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With the ever increasing computational power of modern day processors, it has become feasible to use more robust and computationally complex algorithms that increase the resolution of images without distorting edges and contours. We present a novel image interpolation algorithm that uses the new contourlet transform to improve the regularity of object boundaries in the generated images. By using a simple wavelet-based linear interpolation scheme as our initial estimate, we use an iterative projection process based on two constraints to drive our solution towards an improved high-resolution image. Our experimental results show that our new algorithm significantly outperforms linear interpolation in subjective quality, and in most cases, in terms of PSNR as well.



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